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Together with Styl and Stavitel one of the most important periodicals on modern architecture published in Czechoslovakia. The editorial staff varies over the years and include as main editors: F. Ctrnáctý, B.Feuerstein, J.E.Koula, Karel Teige, Starý, Tyl, Hannauer. Contributions by: Kroha, J.J.P.Oud, A.Behne, Le Corbusier, Saugnier, R.Neutra, J.Krejcar, A.& G.Perret, Theo van Doesburg, Karel Teige, et al. Profusely illustrated: work by Le Corbusier, Berlage, El Lissitzky, Mendelsohn, Mallet-Stevens, C.van Eesteren, Van Doesburg, J.Wils, Henry v.d.Velde, V.Bourgeois, J.E.Koula, Hannes Meyer, and many others. Some captions to illustrations in Czech, French, German and English.

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